Sellsword featuring K.CRAVEN

As I was putting this one together, Kenzie asked me if I’d like to do a dual blog post with her. Here are the results of that, and of course I’d most certainly recommend checking out her blog, her post on it, and the details of what she’s wearing right here.


Shape: Personal
Skin: Fruk – Bennett Skin Shade 6 Black
Hair Base: Fruk – Fruk Hair Base Black
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. – City Lights / Mesh Eyes / Green
Facial Hair: IRON CLAW – [IC] (Facial Hair) Full Heavy Beard .::Sinner::. Black BASE
Tattoo: Creator Unknown – Dragon Tattoo
Scar: DPD – Enki Scar {Custom}
Teeth:[PXL] – OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0


Skirt: PFC – Cimmerian – Skirt
Pants: XODOHTRONU – Harem Pants Black
Belt: PFC – Role Belt – Raider (black) RARE {Gacha Item}
Chest Harness: [The Forge] – Redemption Chest Harness
Scarf: ::K:: – Stylish Stole Plain-Burgundy Male
Abdoment Belt: DPD – Abdoment Belt II Dark
Pauldron: Rochambeau – The Hound Shoulder Armor {Recolored}
Leather Sleeves: DRD – malesleeve size1 leather
Helmet: The Fallen – The Helmet
Boots: Lightstar – Assassin Boots-Black {Recolored}
Handwraps: Losthaven – Cloth Arm Wraps Black Handwrap Texture


Axe: [EZ] – Axe of Retribution


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